Oct 182017

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine demanded the Palestinian Authority and its security services to stop the onslaught of political arrests against political activists in the West Bank, especially in the context of the so-called “Electronic Crimes Law.”

Despite the demand of national and human rights organizations to end political arrests and contrary to all of the discussion of reconciliation, the PA is continuing the policy of arrests in the West Bank. On October 14, human rights activist Montasser Karajah and youth organizer Hamza Zbeidat were arrested for political reasons; when Karajah was released, he was require to return again for interrogation by the PA intelligence the following day.

The Front demanded that the PA security forces end this miserable policy aimed at our Palestinian youth, our organizers and anyone who expresses his opinion or opposes the policies of the Authority through democratic means.

The continuation of this destructive path and the policy of the confiscation of the freedoms of the Palestinian citizens, which reflects a systematic pursuit of political activists in the West Bank, only acts to destroy efforts for reconciliation and does not contribute at all to creating an atmosphere of unity. It also unleashes the occupation to target and arrest these activists, many of whom have previously been jailed by the occupier.

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