Strategy for the Liberation of Palestine – Introduction


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[singlepic id=571 w=300 h=500 float=right]The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, in spite of the short time that has elapsed since its foundation – its political age is barely one and a half years – has come to constitute, from the objective viewpoint, a politico-military manifestation which attracts the interest of wide circles of the Palestinian people, while, at the same time, daily attracting increased interest on both Arab and world levels.

This manifestation, inasmuch as it bears the factors of revolutionary growth through which it is endeavouring to attain the level of historical revolution, is also facing a combination of real dangers, both subjective and objective, which threaten its existence and attempt to impede its growth and progress.

In the light of this general evaluation of the Front’s existence which demands alertness, a deep sense of historical responsibility and conscious understanding of the importance of scientific precision in viewing the struggle and in facing the problems of operation, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine held its Congress in February 1969. It studied the strategy of Palestinian revolutionary action and defined the general political, organizational and military steps which should be taken to ensure the Front’s consistent growth so as to enable it to rise to the level of the liberation challenge which it has undertaken.

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