The escalation of the global struggle and protest is the duty of humanity in the face of the war of annihilation

After five months of the ongoing war of annihilation against our people, in which the Zionist killing machine has continued to pour its fire on civilians, hospitals and vital facilities, nothing is clearer than the grievance of our people and the justice of their cause, or the brutality, criminality of our enemy and the role of its supporters in the launch and continuation of the annihilation campaign.

 We emphasize that this systematic campaign of annihilation was nothing but an American war to liquidate the rights of our people, destroy the elements of their existence, and force them to abandon their cause and rights under the fire of annihilation, a war on the legitimate and just human endeavor to support the rights and struggle of the Palestinian people for freedom and independence, as the US administration and the annihilation coalition made up of colonial governments that armed and supplied the Zionist killing system, provided it with political cover, and stood against any attempt to stop the aggression.

The Zionist-imperialist alliance that ignites and supports aggression and genocide requires a comprehensive confrontation with the policies of the governments supporting the aggression, mobilizing all allied and friendly forces to confront it, and putting pressure on the governments leading the aggression against our people in the United States, Europe, Australia and Canada, which is an essential part of the tasks of toppling this aggression and stopping the genocide, and a humanitarian duty that cannot be neglected by all believers in justice and humanity in this world.

This brutal war will not stop without escalating pressure on the forces of aggression, raising the slogan of rejecting inhumane racist policies, confronting the degenerate Zionist terrorism, working to dismantle the coalition of annihilation, and upholding Palestine and its cause and the right and dignity of its people as a compass for humanity, a test for every living conscience in this world, and an address for the struggle of peoples to obtain their rights and freedom and defend their existence in the face of murderous systems and the cabal of war criminals.

 In the context of the need to escalate the confrontation against murderous and brutal governments, we emphasize the following points:

 1- Our call to escalate protests in all their forms, and to strengthen forms of direct pressure on governments, politicians and parties, to stop the war of extermination, lift the deadly siege, end the occupation, and defend our people's right to freedom, independence, return and self-determination. In light of the war of annihilation, it is imperative to unify the struggle and strengthen coordination between all Palestinian and Arab forces and supporters of the Palestinian cause around the world, in order to form the front of Palestine and humanity against the coalition of aggression, supporters of annihilation, and war criminals. The need to develop work according to common and unified strategies aimed at stopping the genocidal war and supporting our people in their just struggle for their legitimate rights.

 2- Expanding the area of mobilization for mass protest and expanding its frameworks through coordination with unions, parties, supporting and friendly forces and frameworks, overcoming any obstacles that prevent this, and rising to the level of duty towards the sacrifices of our people, and in this context, we call for the widest mass participation in the events of March 2, 2024 throughout the world. The need to escalate the boycott of the occupation with its various arms, governments and companies that support it, in all forms of boycott, and work to isolate the occupier and create economic and political pressure as an effective and necessary struggle tool at this stage.

3- We call on all living forces, including solidarity and trade unions, to escalate all forms of struggle and pressure aimed at stopping supplies destined to equip the Zionist killing machine against our people, whether by opposing decisions to export arms and materials supporting the criminal occupation, or by direct objections aimed at obstructing the transportation and shipment of ammunition for extermination.

 4- We stress the need for everyone to fulfill their duty to support the steadfastness of our people in Gaza Strip, both materially and morally, and the need to work to expand, develop and organize the forms and tools of support.

 5- We call for organizing, institutionalizing and structuring these movements to ensure continuity and impact in order to save humanity from its moral predicament.

 6- We salute the global people movements and their living conscience that rejects the hysteria of the Zionist/imperialist war leadership. We especially salute the new pulse led by consciousness activists in the world, as a true, free, democratic and peaceful expression of victory for the universality of Palestine.


26 February 2024